JOURNEY Supports Frontman Arnel To Raise Funds for Philippine Disaster Relief

Journey Promo Photo

The rock’n’roll group Journey and other Music Industry entities have donated more than $350K to the Philippines Disaster Relief in an effort to directly provide help for the recovery efforts. Lead singer of the group, Arnel Pineda, is Filipino and is taking charge in the recovery efforts to help his country any way he can. Read the article appearing in Classic Rock Magazine. Kudos to Journey for stepping up and playing a vital role in these efforts to support their Bandmate Arnel and the Philippines!

Here’s a link to Arnel Pineda’s Press Conference in the Philippines to support Relief efforts for the World Food Programme. Click here to see the Press Conference

Our prayers are with all of those in the Philippines who are in dire need.


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WOW! Ladies & Gentlemen It’s CES!!!

CES To Showcase Your Favorite Electronic Toy

By NOLAN APOSTLE, Assoicate Editor

Can you believe it, its a new year, and those of you familiar with the Electronic Industry know what that means!? The Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Event City Network welcomes you to the International Consumer Electronics Show 2008 happening in Las Vegas. This is going to be a phenomenal show. There is a tremendous line up of key note speakers who will offer their important insights of trends and all types of technology and they plan to give us some fantastic information as to where these industries are headed.

You will see a vast array of products from major Manufacturers and Reps – Audio, Digital Imaging, Emerging Technologies, High Performance Audio & Video, Gaming, Home Networking and Wireless Technology to name a few. Stay tuned to the Event City Network, sign up for the Event City Business Journal to receive even more information on Tips and Tricks while attending this massive event.

You will also get a sneak peak into our very own Online Zine, the Event City Creative, set to launch in Q1 2008! Surprises are in store for Members of the Events & Creative Industries(tm) own Portal Website. We look forward to seeing you here, and of course, at the show. Look for an Event City Correspondent to receive your FREE Beta Test Pass and a chance to win a cool Electronic Gift!!

Happy New Year’s and a very successful CES to ALL.


Below the Line goes to Las Vegas

Hey, it’s CES! World-wide coming together, the International Consumer Electronics Show and Event City is in the thick of it. From Mobile Technology, Home Electronics, Audio, Digital Imaging and Wireless, there are many areas of convergance that relate to Event City readers and Event Planners, Corporate Buyers and Travel professionals. I know that the film production area is very interested in Wireless, networking, and of course all areas of image capture. Think about what’s used on a film set everyday: image and display technology, wireless transmissions, digital photography, audio, video and of course film. So ok, CES might not go into film, but in ALL other areas! We will show you what’s new and interesting over the next few days. Additionally, we’ll be looking at products for our newly launched Event City Emporium. I, as Mobile Mike, will have my trusty DVR (digital voice recorder) and digital camera to bring you interviews and news from the various CES locations…and maybe even a party or two. You’ll get a first hand glimpse at some of the “behind the scenes” action starting as early as Saturday Jan. 5th!!

This show brings out the stars, and folks like Yoko One (on the John Lennon tour bus), Kevin Cosner, Mary J. Blige, Michael Douglas, all will be on hand at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. We will also cover the Bill Gates Keynote on Sunday. We’re talking January 6th to the 10th, so keep your eyes on our show- the Event City show if you can’t go and we’ll put you in the midst of the action. See you in Vegas! (and Happy New Year from Event City) ///  Michael Handler, editor