PMA Show in Las Vegas – Event City Creative Magazine

By Gordon Barbery, Reporter/Photographer – Event City Creative

Hot on the heals of CES, hi-tech marches on in Las Vegas. The next big tech show is coming to the Las Vegas Convention Center January 31 to February 2. It’s the fabulous 84th annual Photography Marketing Association Convention and Trade Show, PMA.


PMA is the leading international professional photography expo with an anticipated attendance of 20,000 to 24,000 professional photographers, school photography teachers, industrial photo technicians, and photo industry trade representatives from over 100 countries. Over 650 exhibitors are expected to settle into the Las Vegas Convention Center for the latest cutting edge products and services for bringing image information to the world. There will be camera companies, digital image centers, discount stores, photo printing companies, and so much more, in the large exhibition hall. The exhibitors are the companies that serve you the public and as well as the professional photographers who in turn also serve you. There will be computer companies and software application exhibitors, as well as a handful (or maybe more) of those wild “convention” parties. Of course I will report on them too!

Photography is such a broad commercial field serving everyone in the world. Consider, for example, the daily news and magazine photographers, Internet and TV image-makers who serve your daily diet of news, sports, and other entertainment images to support your grand personal world of reality and fantasy. Whether these folks are work-a-day stiffs or wild and crazy photographers, they will all be at the PMA International Convention and Trade Show.

Keep your mouse pointed to the Event City Creative Magazine site as I report here on all the new cameras, gismos, emerging photo technologies launches, and exhibitor’s will be announcing during the PMA Trade Show.

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  1. PMA sounds like a really good photography expo, is it on in 2010?

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