Premier Halloween Haunt at the Preston Castle in Ione


By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Event City Premier Magazine

Northern California’s premier Haunt is in a little town off the beat and path near the borders of Amador and Calaveras County. The town of Ione California is actually in Amador County and is the once home of wayward boys known as the Preston Home for Boys. Now known as the Preston Castle, it was built in 1894 as a facility to help lost boys who didn’t have a home or became too rambunctious to stay in their own homes. Officially, the facility was a reformatory school for boys to help them in their “rehabilitation”, whatever that might have been. It also became a state operated Educational facility for both Academics as well as a school to help build Trade or Vocational skills.


In the 1930’s the building was condemned for not having a modernized fire protection system and earthquake retrofitting construction. In 1943 a state structural engineer deemed it unsafe in the event of a major earthquake. Finally in 1955 the last of the alumni of boys that lived there were moved out. In 1960 the building was completely vacated and set for demolition.

Around the same time a group of local citizens came together to do something about this piece of California history and needed to find a way to save the Preston Castle from being destroyed. Their approach was not just based off of the historic value of the property, but the fact that those in the town of Ione grew to love the Preston Property and considered it to be an Icon for the town. In 1961 the townspeople petitioned for it to NOT be torn down. It took years of work and political strife and after all of their hard work the town received a Historical Landmark Designation in the early 1970’s.


Since then they have done what they could through private donations and an army of volunteers to keep Preston Castle alive and operational. Plenty of elbow grease and hard work went into the upkeep of the Castle property over the years to improve upon its overall care and upkeep, but it became a much larger project then anyone could imagine. As the work piled on this big project became larger and larger. After all, it is a Castle.

A few decades later the Preston Castle Foundation was formed and the real work began. They were granted a long term, 55 yr lease, to take care of the building. Then in November of 2014 the Preston Castle Foundation was deeded the adjacent 13 plus acres of property which of course became the entire “castle grounds” and a great spot for a Halloween Haunted house! The revenue from the haunt provides funds to help in the upkeep of the property throughout the year, but it is barely enough to keep it going. More fundraisers are happening every year and some of the facilities are available for special events and parties.

As a historical location and the overall backdrop the Preston Property could not be a more classic and perfect space for a true Halloween Haunt. That term “Halloween Haunt” is what those in the industry call locations created for scary Halloween Event experiences. The work and fortitude that goes into the Preston Castle to create this year’s haunt is easily determined by the massive staffing of organizers, producers, character actors, production crew, lighting, audio visual effects, costuming and much more. If there was a testament to any attraction’s success it would be the lines of patient revelers that would rival any Disneyland related popular ride, including their very own Haunted Mansion during the Disney Halloween Season. Some waited hours in the lines to walk through what some claim to be a “truly Haunted House.“ On this opening weekend the Haunt Attraction was a sell-out, good news for the Preston Castle Foundation, but it did make for the long lines, but everyone seem to be a great mood eagerly awaiting their first timid steps into this frightful ordeal.

Was the Preston Castle Haunt a top notch, Northern California Halloween experience? Not top notch, but it was good. Was it worth the wait and $20 (top ticket price) for the 45 minute to one hour experience? Absolutely! The army of volunteers was mostly kids to young adults who put this massive production together to help create what some called an “horrific nightmare experience” or in a more calmer tone, “a scary and fun way to celebrate the Halloween experience”.

Less than two hours from many parts of the SF Bay Area, the Preston Castle Haunt is a must attend to any Haunted House aficionado, or just someone who wants to have a great Halloween Haunt experience.  I’m sure if you have ever been on a team organizing and working a haunt you will surely appreciate the Preston Castle Experience and want to share many of your ideas with them to help the team make next year’s attraction even, bigger, better and of course much more scarier! HAPPY HALLOWEEN.



Nolan-JVAinLANolan Apostle is a published Writer, Editor and Photographer originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. He has produced a countless amount of shows, projects, festivals, and many special events. He has managed many Halloween Haunts and once owned a production company housed in a 40,000 sf warehouse in Concord California of which about 25% was Halloween Haunt related props, sets and decoration pieces.  He is considered an expert in the field of Décor and Ambiance for special events, concerts, festivals, parties, the holidays and of course, Halloween.


Sweet HayaH, Popular Rock/Soul/Funk Band from San Jose, Amplify their Musical Message through Major Festivals and their Debut at The Independent in San Francisco


By Nolan Apostle
Event City Editorial Team
Event City Premier Magazine

SWEET HayaH, just a few months after releasing their new Album GENTLE LIES have picked up the pace on the band’s live performances. They have played at least 10 major, large-scale shows and Music Festivals, in under a year, some of which are extremely notable events. Just before their album release they were invited to play at Superbowl City in SF, and will be performing a headlining spot at the SOFA STREET FAIR, a local  community favorite in San Jose this Sunday September 11th (they’ll be at the WILLIAM STREET STAGE Corner of William and South First Street). They had a guest spot on KPIX with the always effervescent Roberta Gonzalez, and she was happy to “…bring out San Jose’s finest band, they played at Superbowl City for us.” From the looks of it, everyone involved was having too much fun! Another major music event the band was invited to play was the FREMONT FESTIVAL Of the ARTS on August 7, the largest street festival west of the Mississippi!


The Selecter Headlines in San Francisco on a 7 City US Tour

To say that Sweet HayaH has come a long way in a short period of time, is certainly an understatement.  The band is supporting The Selecter’s seven-city US Tour with their performance debut at The Independent night club in San Francisco. The Selecter has been riding the roller coaster of  music since the 1970’s as one of the most successful Ska bands of the 2-Tone era. I took a listen to the latest album, they absolutely are still an exciting choice with their unique blend of music which ultimately sounds just as fresh now as it did decades ago. The match of a strong up and coming act like Sweet HayaH supporting a historic band like The Selecter allows for your entertainment value to be doubled and I would even venture to say, the best ticket in town for your October 10th Monday night outing. 

Sweet HayaH is excited to be invited to play with them and even though they have played in San Francisco before, this is a major boost for the band’s career and helps to establish them as a major musical force in the up and coming Northern California Music environment.

SelecterDJJkirk2Come see Sweet HayaH perform on their debut at The Independent in San Francisco on October 10th! YoSelecterDJkirkBimbosu don’t want to miss this incredible group of musicians and performers! Along with The Selecter and Sweet HayaH the show also includes The Selecter DJ Kirk, a fine performer in his own right, somewhat of an historian of Soul music, and not just any Soul, but the kind you didn’t know existed, but will never forget it after you’ve heard it. Can’t wait to see him too.

Tickets are available at





25,000sf Famous Nightclub Auction SF Tuesday Aug 23, 2016

You might have missed our announcement for the Charyn Auctions live on-sight auction at the original Sound Factory Nightclub in San Francisco. Here’s your reminder! As our valued member of the Event City Network you are receiving this reminder of the quick sale auction taking place tomorrow. Here’s the details:
The Factory Nightclub
August 23, 2016 @11am
525 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
The Factory Nightclub in San Francisco will begin item previews at 9am. This 25,000 SqFt 3-Level NightClub & Bar was one of the City’s most popular nightspots and all of its contents must be sold to make way for yet another new high rise building. The sale will include state-of-the-art sound, lighting, and video equipment as well as upscale seating and bar equipment. Please feel free to visit the Charyn Auctions website, once you arrive on the site please click on the appropriate link listing:
We look forward to seeing you at the auction.

Bill Graham Exhibit Opens In SF, Truly G R A H A M A Z I N G

An Open Letter to Bill Graham


By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Halcyon Simmons
Cinema & Videography
Alexis Camille
Talent and Research
Event City Creative Magazine


Dear Bill,

I had the opportunity to attend your exhibit the other day. The second run of your first tour ever, aptly named, the Rock & Roll Revolution. Did you know they were putting this on? Did you know you were part of a revolution? What a show! I must say, this is a grand tour! It started in LA and ran for 5 months, and now in San Francisco. There are plans for 4 other cities, maybe even more to come. David and Alex have been key organizers of this grand tour of yours. You’d be very proud of your boys, and who these young positive men have become. They surely show the passion they have adopted from their effervescent father.

The show includes an historical adventure of photographic images through the world of Rock’n’Roll, some unique video footage and a wonderful collection of memorabilia from your personal life and your reign as Mr. BGP. I’m telling all my friends it is a must see exhibit, one that brings out your personal passion for the industry and possibly even another side of you that many people may not have heard about or experienced until coming to your exhibit.

Anyone could easily spend an entire day enjoying the images and memorabilia at your show. Seeing some old associates again who have spent such a great deal of time and effort to help bring all of this together, Bonnie Simmons and Danny Scher is always a treat. The two of them along with Alex and David are the main supporters of your exhibition. It is organized by the Skirball Cultural Center, curated by Erin Clancey, and your very own Bill Graham Memorial Foundation. This show is about you, your life and your “family”. Of course David and Alex, who incidentally have shared some fascinating stories with me, I didn’t know their Aunt Ester did concessions early on, and the hundreds of those who worked at Bill Graham Presents and helped to mold an industry and create standards for the world of concert and show production, all part of your family. Pat yourself on your back Bill, you did good, you did good by your family and the world of music.

I spent about 20 minutes talking with Alex about a photograph of you and him, he was sitting on your lap, as well as a personal note you wrote to him and David, something about “P.F.”? NoteFrBillGxxRemember it? I’ve placed the note on here so you can see it. As we exchanged stories, talking about that photo and the note, it was a moving experience to watch Alex’s glance move upward as if he were looking for you, to see if you were listening to our conversation.

There were quite a few people attending this preview, and in the short two hours you would be amazed as to how many of them spent at least several minutes at a time just taking in a photograph or a memorabilia piece and how ear to ear smiles were prevalent throughout the venue. You would certainly have that happy Bill smile on your face watching them.

Someone who was as full of life as you were Bill, this exhibit surely cannot capture your true essence, your compassion and passion for the kids, the fans, the music and the communities around you. As a mentor you taught so many of us who worked with you as well as those who were able to just be there, in your presence, the value of that compassion. One of your mentees, AJ, said to me that you were a great boss and an amazing man, I wish I could agree with him. I’m sorry Bill, but I believe we need to work on a plan, we need to find a new word, I propose we add a new adjective to the English language to capture your essence as the man who created an industry, who cared for the kids, the fans, and who loved his community and his family. I’ve thought about this for a long time now. What would be that perfect new word to describe who you are? How’s this sound Bill…

G R A H A M A Z I N G !!?? Anyone have a contact at Webster’s? Bill, I’ll keep an eye out for you at the exhibit, knowing you, you wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Oh yeah, one last note, THANK YOU for all you did, created, and for having the tenacity of a thousand warriors and the audacity to do what so many others wouldn’t even dreamed of trying.



Explore the life of Bill Graham (1931–1991) from his childhood as a German Jewish refugee to his pivotal role in making rock music a multi-billion dollar global industry. The exhibition, Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Revolution, looks at his immense success as a rock promoter and his pioneering work behind the scenes to use rock music to raise consciousness and deliver aid to those in need. The San Francisco Exhibition opens on Thursday March 17, 2016 and runs through July 5, 2016 at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. It is being organized by the Skirball Cultural Center, in Los Angeles.

International Raw Meat Collection to Enjoy

A Collection of Raw Meat Ideas Found at the Fancy Food Show San Francisco

GrndRawLebanonKibbeh  GroundBeefRawPic
By Event City Hospitality Channel
Contributing Editorial Team
Event City Premier Magazine

Today we are more connected globally than ever before. We are capable of virtually talking to anyone anywhere over the Internet, cellphones, tools like Skype and Kik. We can even connect instantly with the right tools. We are also interconnected physically today as well. We are able to do business internationally unlike any other time in history. We can send physical packages around the globe for a same day delivery if we want to pay the price. Almost any types of products, including food and beverages.

Food products and the ideas surrounding them are being shared and tasted from all over the world. We love food. Not just in our society, but in most countries food is our community glue, it keeps us all together. Regardless of how different a food product might be from one culture to another, with an open mind and mouth, we can find dishes from any culture, country or continent that we could enjoy. Although sometimes, we might try something without thinking about it, and the taste does not agree with us, and we might get sick.

We live in an age when we actually know what and how people get sick. Whether it is a common cold, or cancer. But when it comes to food, raw meat has picked up a regrettable reputation. The elegance of a nice Steak Tartare blended right in front of you and your guests table-side, has almost been forgotten, and then there are those who will even request (dreadfully speaking), a perfectly nice piece of beef to be destroyed when the order is placed for it to be cooked, well-done. YUCK!!

In many other parts of the world (and even in some areas of the USA), traditional raw meat dishes are going strong, some would say, even making a comeback. Here are some selections we found while at the Fancy Food Show as well as online and even from some of our Event City Delivery Platform Purveyors. These are some of the most prominent examples, that come from many different continents throughout the world. See them, believe they really do exists, and maybe, just maybe, you might get the courage to even do a little taste test for you and your family or friends. There are a collection of links at the end of this article which will lead you to some great sites showing you more than enough recipes and samples of Raw Meat Delicacies. Live Eat Love & Enjoy Life.


  • ­­­Yook hwe (Korea)
    Korean food has a whole category of raw meat dishes, called hwe, but most of them are made with fish or other seafood, a la Japanese sashimi. Yook hwe, however, is typically made with beef, julienned and mixed with a garlicky soy-based sauce and topped with sesame seeds and, more often than not, a raw egg. And look! (Credit: Flickr/By Susan)






  • Steak Tartare (France)
    Some claim that the name for the most famous dish of raw meat (beef or horse, typically) came from the Central Asian Tatars’ habit of sticking horse meat under their saddle during a day’s ride, and eating it raw and tenderized at the end of the day. This, however, is false: the original raw beef dish was actually called steak a l’americaine, and a variety served with tartar sauce on the side (and no egg yolk) was called a la tartare. Eventually, the sauce got dropped, but the name stuck.(Credit: Flickr/rdpeyton






  • Parisa (South Texas)
    The Upper Midwest calls steak tartare “tiger meat,” but it’s pretty much the same dish as the French original. This hyperlocal South Texan dish, on the other hand, is a horse of a different color. Coming from a particular area west of San Antonio where Alsatian immigrants settled in the 1800s, Parisa is a mix of raw beef, bison, or venison, mixed with cheddar cheese, minced onions, and some kind of pepper. One butcher shop in particular, Dziuk’s, in Castroville, still sells it fresh from its case every day. (Credit: Full Custom Gospel BBQ)





  • Ossenworst (The Netherlands)
    This raw Dutch sausage was originally made with ox meat (hence the name–ossenis the Dutch for “oxen”), and is flavored with spices brought in by the vast Dutch trading empire of yore, like cloves, mace, and nutmeg. (Credit: Flickr/Ellen van den Berg)






  • Mett (Germany)
    This German minced pork spread is typically flavored with salt, pepper, and (depending on where you are in the country) garlic or caraway. One way to eat it, which was popular in the 70s, is to shape a lump of Mett like a hedgehog, with onion rings or pretzel sticks stuck in to form the spiny back. Cute!(Credit: Flickr/tobo)






  • Koi Soi (Thailand)
    Southeast Asia has its own school of raw “cooking,” and the raw beef koi soi is Thailand’s contribution to the mix. Like most Thai dishes, it has fish sauce, chiles, lime, and fresh herbs on top. Unlike most Thai dishes, you can get a version of koi soi thickened with blood or bile, in which case it’s called larb lu.(Credit: Flickr/mmmyoso)






  • Bo Tai Chanh (Vietnam)
    Instead of the julienned beef of the koi soi or yookhwe, the Vietnamese version of the raw beef dish uses thin sheets of beef round, lightly marinated in citrus and topped off with chiles, onions, and peanuts.(Credit: Flickr/Tricia Wang)






  • Kitfo (Ethiopia)
    Minced raw beef, Ethiopian spices, and an herb-infused clarified butter go into kitfo, which (like a lot of Ethiopian cuisine) is typically eaten with injera, a spongy kind of flatbread, and occasionally topped with crumbled goat cheese.(Credit: Flickr/Charles Haynes)






  • Gored Gored (Ethiopia/Eritrea)
    East African cuisine also has gored gored, a dish that, unlike kitfo, is left unmarinated, and cut into bigger chunks. Injera (as you can see in this picture) is still the preferred accompaniment, though.(Credit: Flickr/vincent03)






  • Kibbeh Nayyeh (Lebanon/Middle East)
    You might be familiar with kibbeh, the Middle Eastern dish of ground meat, minced onions, and bulgur, which is usually cooked up into little roast footballs. But if you just leave out the cooking part, you’ve got yourself a plate of kibbeh nayyeh, which makes a great spread on flatbread.(Credit: Flickr/Montage_Man)






  • Crudos (Chile)
    Raw dishes tend to follow the German diaspora wherever it happened to land around the world, and Chile’s population of German immigrants came up with crudos. It’s basically mett with beef instead of pork (and no hedgehog serving style), a sensible adaptation to a country that’s bigger on cattle ranching than schwein(Credit: Flickr/ClauErices)






  • Carne Apache (Mexico)
    Basically ground beef ceviche, which is allowed to cure a little in lime juice before serving, carne apache makes a great dip for tostadas. (Credit: Flickr/essgee51)






  • Cig Kofte (Turkey/Armenia)
    Move a little north of kibbeh nayyeh, and you’ve got cig kofte (or as it’s known in Armenia, chee kufta). Sometimes served in little dumpling forms, the main difference from kibbeh is that it’s rarely eaten with bread (and has a wider variety of spicing options, as you might expect from Turkish and Armenian food). (Credit: Flickr/a)






  • Beef Carpaccio (Italy)
    Second to steak tartare, the thinly sliced Italian carpaccio is probably the most familiar raw dish out there. It’s named after a Venetian painter named Vittore Carpaccio, known for the beauty of his red and white tones, and was only dubbed in 1950, when the city held a celebration in the painter’s honor. It was, of course, made in the region for centuries (millennia, even!) before that, but it had the much less mellifluous name of “carne crudo.”(Credit: Flickr/Beholder)






  • Basashi (Japan)
    Japan is famous for its raw fish, but it has just as long a tradition of raw meat dishes, prepared in almost the same way. You can get raw beef (gyu tataki – see below) and raw chicken (toriwasa), but the most common is basashi–horse sashimi. Back in the day, horse was also known as sakuraniku, literally “cherry blossom meat,” as part of a code used by the technically Buddhist (and vegetarian) diners of the Edo period that assigned a flower to different types of meat based on their color. Venison was momoji, or “maple leaf,” and wild boar was botan, or “peony.”(Credit: Flickr/ imagesbyk2)




Carne Apache


  • Carne Apache (Mexico) The most elusive member of the list, carne apache is simply ceviche with ground beef substituted in for seafood. A Mexican delicacy among many in the USA, Cacao Mexicatessen and Sofiy’s Catering in the Los Angeles area both offer superb versions upon special request, though only for catered parties. As for a restaurant or street cart that serves it, the search continues. Event City recommends them for your Mexican cuisine catering needs. Cacao Mexicastessen 1576 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles (323) 478-2791 (upon special request, catering only). (Credit: Tatiana Arbogast)




Gyu Tataki


  • Gyu Tataki: If you don’t mind paying for omakase at Urasawa, or securing access to a secretive Totoraku dinner, you can sample kobe beef tataki, a sliver of velvety, marbled raw beef whisked over the flame for a brief second. For a version made with a lesser cut (that doesn’t equate to a month’s rent) try Yabu in West L.A. Yabu, 11820 W Pico Blvd., Los Angeles 90064 (310) 473-9757  (Credit: Flickr/josewolff)




A Few Different Raw Beef Recipes

A Variety of Raw Meats Recipes and many other dishes

Mexican Carne Apache

Beef Carpaccio with Marinated Bean Salad


A Nice WikiPedia Collection of Raw Beef Dishes

Why It’s Healthy to Eat Raw Meat and How to do it Safely

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BREAKING NEWS – Santana IV Album with Original Bandmates Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie, Michael Shrieve & Michael Carabello

SANTANA IV reunites legendary band lineup - new studio album out April 15, 2016 (PRNewsFoto/SANTANA)

SANTANA IV reunites legendary band lineup – new studio album out April 15, 2016 (PRNewsFoto/SANTANA)

SANTANA IV to be Released Soon

By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Event City Premier Magazine

Event City just received the announcement that Carlos Santana along with some of his Bandmates from his early 70’s lineup, Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie, Michael Shrieve & Michael Carabello will release a new collaboration soon. The rumors are true and while there are many of you who have long since admired the original talent and music of the Santana and Journey bands, to bring them together once again will be a historic treat for all of us, and quite a concert experience indeed.

April 15, 2016 marks the release date of Santana IV, the wildly anticipated studio album, a reunion recording bringing together an album project for the first time in 45 years – since 1971, the multi-platinum classic Santana IIIThis is an incredible feat, especially in our modern day Music Industry, and the longest span of time that an original act has come together with its core band members to record a follow up album. This is the original quintet that recorded together, that incredible early lineup from the 1970’s of guitar icon Carlos Santana (guitar, vocals), Gregg Rolie (keyboards, lead vocals), Neal Schon (guitar, vocals), Michael Carabello (percussion) and Michael Shrieve (drums).

SANTANA IV reunites legendary band lineup - new studio album out April 15, 2016. Pictured (l-r) Benny Rietveld, Michael Shrieve, Gregg Rolie, Carlos Santana, Michael Carabello, Neal Schon, Karl Perrazo. (PRNewsFoto/SANTANA)

The newly formed band plans to celebrate their new release by planning some concerts with the current Santana band and the current Journey line up! We certainly do not want to miss this!

Stay tuned to the Event City Creative Magazine, we will keep you posted on all of the Santana IV release and news on the bands exciting shows and who else might show up to grace the stage with these legends.


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Food, Food & More Food and It’s Fancy

The Winter Fancy Food Show opens in San Francisco this Sunday


Are You a Newbie? What you can Expect at the Fancy Food Show

FFSshow-attendees    FFSlogo-winter-show

By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Event City Premier Magazine

Hello to all of our Foodie Friends it’s that time of the year for the one and only Winter Fancy Food Show at the Moscone Center in San Francisco! Simply the biggest and best Food and Beverage industry show in the country, and that is not just my own personal opinion, but fact, as you will see as you continue to read and hear about some of the knowledge you can receive at the show whether you are an exhibitor, wanna-be exhibitor, buyer or an attendee guest with some of your own ideas and products.

The Event City Creative Magazine’s Editorial team is great surprised how our readers interest has boomed on many hospitality and Special Events stories we have shared with you. It is impressive to see all of the viewers and responses we have received and able to share this information with you.  It is exciting for me to experience your own enthusiasm in some of the messages and notes you have sent me. Reaching out to each other has become an important tool on the global Internet for Event City and we plan to do much more of that, especially for our tradeshow coverage.

Enough of that, let’s talk Food and what this Fancy Food Show is all about, especially for you newcomers, sound good?! The Winter Fancy Food Show 2016 was conceptualized and created by the Specialty Food Association a worldwide organization. They create, connect, support, and share the extraordinary experience of specialty foods over the entire planet. They are a membership based organization with some incredible benefits. By joining their organization you will gain access to exclusive offers and opportunities within the Food and Beverage world.

Creating the Fancy Food Show, they are invested in building what is simply the most valuable tool for Food and Beverage business owners and one of the largest specialty food tradeshows in the world. A showcase of industry innovation, bringing specialty food’s top manufacturers, buyers, and thought leaders together under one roof for three days of delectable discovery, January 17-19. The rows will seem endless as you canvass the endless list of exhibitors and fill your bags with product literature and plenty of goodies from the incredible array of the latest and greatest in the world of Food and Beverage.

There are many different opportunities at the Fancy Food Shows for small and very large companies alike. As an Exhibiting company or to expand on your “idea” or product launch, here are a few of the various opportunities that WFFS 2016 has to offer:

Seminar sponsorships

Event sponsorships

Specialty Food Magazine Show edition ads and Digital Show advertising

What’s New, What’s Hot! ads and display cases – these are very cool and helpful

Directory advertising, and more

Interviewing various attendees in previous years we have found there is a misnomer that the show is extremely expensive and a very costly endeavor just to showcase your new ideas or products at the WFFS. It may not be for everyone at any given time in their trek for that great new killer foodie product, but as large as this show is, and comparing it to other shows and exhibiting opportunities – local, national, and international, the Fancy Food Show is by far your biggest chunk of cheese for your slice into the Food and Beverage industry!


Exhibitors at the Winter Fancy Food Show

Exhibiting at a Fancy Food Show is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to connect with buyers from every major food and beverage buying channel in the United States and abroad. Keeping this in mind, if and when you jump into the fray, it is essential for you to know your product, your market, and potentially new markets and how your company is going to make money. Even if you are an attendee with a new product or idea, having this information and more at the tip of your tongue, you never know who will be listening to your conversation in passing, or who might sit down next to you during lunch. This makes the show one of the best tradeshows in the business to network and learn all about your product or the types of products you are buying.

The 2016 show in San Francisco will feature a staggering amount of products – more than 80,000 at last count, over 19,000 buyers (that is probably one of you), and at least 1,400 exhibitors – which essentially could be you one day with some of the great products you are in the midst of developing! I have truly enjoyed much of what I have seen and tasted over the last year! Surely one of the best products to emerge from the Northern California Region is the CARROLL’S BRAND of Meats and Rubs. The company is huddled in beautiful San Bruno California and has a delicatessen and a catering division. They are also eager to begin distribution of their meat and rub products. Try their Blackened Hanger Steak™ or Blackened Burgers™, on the grill, baked, broiled or fried, your palate will be pleasantly pleased.


Winter Fancy Food Show California Vendors

This writer has seen a great deal of companies and products come and go over the 20 plus years I’ve been attending the Fancy Food Shows. To put it into perspective, as a business owner, regardless if your type of product or service, there is superabundance of information to share with you. If you fall under the category of “Fancy Food Show Rookie”, you may find yourself a little bit inundated, and sometimes even extremely overwhelmed with the plethora of products and services at the show. Either way, don’t fret, take it one step at a time and create a list of notes and goals of what you would like to see and experience at the show, categorically speaking. Some of what you will see while attending the Fancy Food Show is everything you can imagine and much more – new pasta sauces or meat rubs, a line of Mediterranean food products, dessert items, international products, a unique food establishment or franchise opportunities, new technologies, a vegan delight, bacons, seafood, delicatessen specialties and so much more, you could spend an entire week at the show and not see everything!

At Event City we cover shows involving the Events & Creative Industries – from the Consumer Electronic Show, to the Special Events Expo. We have covered NAMM, the SF Gift Show, Halloween & Party Expo, Ad Tech, MacWorld, The Halloween Expo & Haunt, The Party Show, Nightclub & Bar Show, The Hospitality Expo, and many more. We work hard for you to help showcase the latest and greatest within a the Event City array of industries. As hard as we work, we can play pretty hard too. We have a little saying about the Fancy Food Show – and if you think Wizard of Oz theme, you’ll get it. It goes like this,

“Cheese, Crackers and Meats – Oh my!”

We wish it was that simple, but the fancy food show is definitely not simple. All who have attended over the years would definitely attest to the fact that this industry’s “must attend show”, is a Food lover’s utopia and all for the obvious reasons. Now don’t forget, as you’re entering the show floor for the first time, grab your partner’s hand and chime along together, Cheese, Crackers and Meats – Oh my!, Cheese, Crackers and Meats – Oh my… 

See you there.


The Winter & Summer’s Fancy Food Show Schedule – We hope to see you there.

2016 Winter Fancy Food Show—January 17-19, San Francisco

Sunday, January 17, 2016: Show Open 10am – 5pm

Monday, January 18, 2016: Show Open 10am – 5pm

Tuesday, January 19, 2016: Show Open 10am – 4pm

2016 Summer Fancy Food Show—June 26-28, New York


The Specialty Food Association can help your growing business in a number of different ways, please feel free to browse their website for much more information.