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BREAKING NEWS! Unfortunately with heavy heart, just a few minutes ago the news came in, about 9pm PST, that Tom Petty passed away!!

Watch for a future reports and stories about Tom Petty and his illustrious career!

Rest in Peace our Prince of Rock’n’Roll!!

Such a horrible day today, Monday October 2nd, 2017. First the Las Vegas tragedy where over 50 people died in the worst massacre in US History. Then then Tom Petty was found by his wife Dana York unconscious in their home. He had a massive heart attack. Even though reports came in from media all over the world, many of them “major media outlets” that Tom Petty died, he wasn’t dead yet, he was on life support and still alive. Confusing, but so very sad for many of us. The journalist in me wants him to live far beyond his current 66 years, but understanding that his brain had lost oxygen for a while, much more than the 4-6 minutes that the medical professionals tell us we have to survive the outlook for Tom didn’t look good.

As a professional photographer in the Music and Entertainment industry, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers was the first Musician/Band I photographed during my career as a Professional Photographer (you know, when you get a gig where you actually get paid). That was an experience that I will never forget and will live in my heart forever. The Tom Petty that we all got to know through his magnificent music and songwriting expertise will live on forever. Do you have a Tom Petty Story you’d like to share? Please share it with us at on our Facebook Group Site.

Word came in a short while ago, around 9pm, that Tom passed away. The official announcement was read by this career long manager and very close friend, Tony Dimitriades, “On behalf of the Tom Petty family, we are devastated to announce the untimely death of of our father, husband, brother, leader and friend Tom Petty. He suffered cardiac arrest at his home in Malibu in the early hours of this morning and was taken to UCLA Medical Center but could not be revived. He died peacefully at 8:40 p.m. PT surrounded by family, his bandmates and friends.”

I first met Tom Petty in Palo Alto on June 3, 1978, at the Stanford Memorial Auditorium. I was told to come to the backstage entrance of the venue. While walking towards the back of the building who comes walking around the corner, Tom Petty and his guitarist Mike Campbell (one of the best guitarist in Rock’n’Roll), and they were indulging in a nice doobie! I introduced myself as the photographer and said I was here to see Tony D (his manager). He pointed to the door and then offered me a hit. I responded – “I’m a lightweight, and if you want good photos from this show you don’t want me to have any of that.” We all laughed, I went in, met his manager, photographed the show and was amazed even as a young teenager how their music was so timely and timeless. I thought to myself, even when I become an old guy I’m gonna love the music of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers!! Here I am an old guy, and God do I love TP & his Heartbreakers. My heart breaks for him, his wife Dana, his family, of course his band (which was still almost the same lineup since his first album released in Nov 1976), manager Tony Dimitriades (probably the longest running band manager in the history of Rock’n’Roll – 40 years), and of course all of his fans!

One of my favorite all time photos came from that show. First time I ever used my Star Lens filter (these were big in the 80’s). Tom was somewhat of a mentor in the few conversations we had, he was philosophical, funny, courageous, humble and one of the nicest people I ever met, from any walk of life. His career as a band leader grew to more of a Father figure than anything, and watched over his “family” intently. The lasting togetherness of his bandmates, his manager and his life overall stemmed from that positive family attitude he had with all of those important to him in his life.

I don’t have a lot of those “Music Biz” Tom Petty stories, but the few I do, are precious and always showed me the gentle man he was, and how he is now busy elsewhere creating music at the big concert in the sky, knowing we will remember him forever more as our Prince of Rock’n’Roll. Rest in Peace Tom, our hearts are broken, and you’ll be missed, but always remembered as one of the greatest Musicians, Songwriters and Rock’n’Roll performers of all time!! (Other photos include Mike Campbell and original drummer Stan Lynch)




Above sample apartment complexes do not represent the actual building projects.

By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Event City Creative Magazine

Bitcoiners Can Now Buy A Luxury Apartment Using Their Cryptocurrency Holdings

While China and Russia are going back and forth on the legal intricacies associated with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrency ownerships or transfers, most other countries are putting the details to one side for a while and forging ahead with large scale bitcoin related development programs.

Reports are coming out of Dubai that suggest a couple of British entrepreneurs have teamed up to build the world’s first property development to be priced in the Cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

The project is being spearheaded by two big names in the UK business and political-spheres – Michelle Mone and Doug Barrowman. Mone is the entrepreneur behind the lingerie brand Ultimo,which she founded back in 1996 through her holding company MJM International, and she’s now the head of her own interior design firm Michelle Mone Interiors. She was also a lawmaker under former UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

Barrowman is Chairman of the Knox Group, an an independent group of businesses with over £1.25 billion of assets under management and administration that employing over 200 people.

So what will the development look like?

Well, as mentioned, it’s in Dubai and it’s going to include more than 2.4 million square feet of floor space spread across two towers, each of which will come in at 40 stories tall. Mone will be responsible (through her design firm) for planning the lobby and the communal areas, but that’s about all we know so far. There are some pretty neat mockups on the development promo website (available here) but how close these will be to the finished product remains to be seen.

Reportedly, prices will start at 30BTC for an apartment in the complex (which at current prices amounts to somewhere in the region of $140,000 and the entire development is going to price in at around $325 million from foundation to sale.

The total size of the complex will comprise of 1,000 apartments, a shopping center and much more. The development is expected to be completed by September 2019.



Event City’s Harmonica Mike Performs at the Big Blues Bender in Las Vegas

By Michael Handler, Writer/Reporter
Nolan Apostle, Contributing Editor
Event City Creative Magazine

Harmonica Mike of Event City takes a turn at a yellow plastic saxophone at this years Big Blues Bender at the Plaza hotel in Las Vegas…. Nothin’ but the blues….

The Big Blues Bender is one of the largest and arguably, one of the most exciting Blues shows in the country. It is 4 days and nights of Blues music and accommodations all taking place at the Plaza Hotel with “Everything, just an Elevator Ride Away”.

The Plaza Hotel & Casino is located in downtown Las Vegas located at 1 South Main Street.

The Big Blues Bender is finishing up its last part of the show today. It ran from September, 2017. Music fans have enjoyed top Blues Artists all just steps away from their hotel rooms. Besides the music, all attendees had a chance to enjoy a Vendor Village, Activities, Artists’ Panels, Theme Nights and of course the Fabulous Fremont Street Experience at your front door.




By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Event City Premier Magazine

Over 15 dead and hundreds feared missing in the worst earthquake to shake up Mexico in over a Century. The quake was felt as far south as Guatamala and Honduras. Tsunami warnings and shaking as far away as 650 miles from the epicenter in Mexico City where reports are coming in that the quake shook for at least a full minute.

MexicoQuake9-2017Here’s a report from ABC News. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by this devastation.

What is an ICO? EC COIN ICO and Educating YOU on Digital Currencies

ico initialcoinoffer

Let Us Help Educate You

By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Event City Premier Magazine

As some of you know Event City is in the midst of planning an ICO. Many have asked the question – What is an ICO? It stands for an Initial Coin Offering, it is an unregulated form of fundraising through the world of Crypto Currency (it is also known as Digital or Internet Currency), and with the International success of Bitcoin, there are many cryptocurrency projects popping up.

ICO’s are a way to gain funding for these projects. The below video will help to give you a very basic understand about ICO’s. The ICO has become a huge focus for the world of Digital Currency – from founders and experts in the field to inspiring Digital Traders, Cryptocurrency enthusiast, Business and even Governments. Well over a month ago the US Government announced they would look into the possibility of regulating ICO’s, then the Chinese followed with their own announcement the following day.

To help you become better acquainted with the opportunities in the investment world of Digital Currency, we will post projects, stories and many educational pieces about Cryptocurrency and how it is reshaping the economies throughout the world. Please watch this short video at your leisure. It is a very basic explanation of what an ICO is and how they work. We plan on having weekly Conference Calls to discuss the Event City ICO, the opportunities that are offered and to help gain knowledge of the Digital Currency market and overall how it is effecting the world. We plan to help educate everyone on what many are saying is the FUTURE of WORLD ECONOMICS.

As we mentioned Event City is in the midst of initiating an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), it’s like an IPO but with it’s own Digital Currency, Token or Coin. Event City will use the ECCOIN for much more than just purchasing products and services. The Token sale or Coin Offering will help the company and it’s partners and associates to change many elements in the industries represented by the Event City Network. Below are a good collection of sites to help you to better understand the Cryptocurrency world and better understand exactly what is an ICO. Feel free to send your questions, comments, interest in the below Comments area.

It is very important to do your research on ICO’s, or any investment opportunity, before investing and only invest what you can afford to lose – Cryptocurrency is a free market and there is no way to determine price post launch vs ICO pricing.

Please browse the many resources below that will allow you to somewhat time travel into the future because the future is here, now: — A very well written article explaining ICOs. It is fairly easy to follow and of course written with the pizzazz that only TECH CRUNCH can deliver! is an ICOGREAT Article and a Video featuring major Venture investor Dan Morehead. Exchange – one of the most popular in Crypto-trading. — Local Exchange purchases – a Different approach to purchasing BitCoins. — Real Estate – Connecting vendors, buyers, sellers and agents over a fast, flexible and free global listing network.

ICOlertMobile App – Simple ICO presentation  —  Main Digital Currency Exchange  —  IRS Approved Ethereum IRAs—  Real Estate – Propy ICO site  —  Real Estate – Buy & Sell Investment Properties
Real Estate, Propy Article about it’s ICO  —  Smart Contracts help you make transactions to exchange money, property, shares, or anything of value in a transparent, conflict-free way while avoiding the services of a middleman.
Important to watch:
Bitcoin News 1 September 2017 – Cryptocurrency Market Cap Heading for $200Billion

A list of ICO’s and Crowdsales…

Live Bitcoin prices go to
A way to Order a Bitcoin Debit Card –
A good FAQ List answered here…
This video was sponsored by Swiss Bank In Your Pocket which is an offline wallet, vault and integrated suite of banking applications for digital currency – safe secure and private. Get a Wallet Today – Click here
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Event City Live Editorial Broadcast System Announced
Ability to Auto-Post and Podcast Live from Anywhere
Social Media will never be the same again!

By Alex Jauregui and Anthony Ansola
Reporter & Editor
Event City Premier Magazine

The Event City Ecosphere just got a bit friendlier and much more productive as the company begins testing their new auto posting and podcast type broadcasting service for journalist – Event City Live Editorial Broadcast System. Both systems will allow the Event City Premier Magazine Journalists to create and post Live Broadcasts and Writing from anywhere in the world. In fact this article was posted remotely without logging onto the Magazine’s back end, only using the new system.

“We’ve simplified the structure of our online presentations, both for our Magazine Network and our growing Blog Networks”, says Nolan Apostle, Co-founder and CEO of Event City. He adds, “Our Writers, Reporters, Stringers, Photographers, all of our Journalism Teams will find this system very easy and productive to use, giving them the opportunity to post Live Broadcast from shows, projects, conventions or anywhere and from any part of the world.” The system will eventually be integrated into the company’s Advertising Network, The MUSIC SKOOP, PINK SECTION Project, the EC EMPORIUM, HOSPITALITY and ESTATE SALE Blogs to start out. As the Premier Magazine Division attracts more Journalist and other Editorial Teams they will virally grow the network and content will be posted much easier than ever. The task of posting content, stories, podcasts, blogs, reviews, all of it, will be more appealing and enjoyable – it will be much less a job and much more fun!

The Editorial Broadcast System will give Writers, Podcast Producers, Reporters, Social Media Managers, and Bloggers the opportunity to share their experiences about the Hospitality, Special Events, Concert, Music, Art, Film, Travel, Entertainment industries and more. This will allow Event Planners, Musicians, Performers, Show Producers, Venues, Theaters, Motion Picture Producers, Hotels, Restaurants and many others the opportunity to expand their audience and reach out to both a B2B audiences as well as the Consumer. You can sign up now to begin using this new service for your business or projects. The benefits are immense!

The company plans to roll out this new feature sometime in the very near future prior to the re-launch of the Event City Network. They are seeking serious Journalist to jump on board to help test and navigate the system. You can contact the EDITORIAL TEAM by sending an email to EC Premier Magazine. Send your resume, and a short message as to why they should bring you on board to test the new system and potentially bring you in as a permanent member of their Editorial Staff.

The Event City Live Editorial Broadcast System will give the Editorial Team the ability to draft, write, create, and post articles, reviews and stories with images and video as well. All of this including Live Audio Broadcasting without even sending to an Editor, Engineer or Producer will be featured characteristics of the site.

EventCity™ and Event City Live™ are Trademarks protected by the Trademark laws of the USA and the Internet Organization, and the Event City Network and may not be used for any purpose what-so-ever without expressed written permission by the company’s IP Directors, the Founders or CEO.



Premier Halloween Haunt at the Preston Castle in Ione


By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Event City Premier Magazine

Northern California’s premier Haunt is in a little town off the beat and path near the borders of Amador and Calaveras County. The town of Ione California is actually in Amador County and is the once home of wayward boys known as the Preston Home for Boys. Now known as the Preston Castle, it was built in 1894 as a facility to help lost boys who didn’t have a home or became too rambunctious to stay in their own homes. Officially, the facility was a reformatory school for boys to help them in their “rehabilitation”, whatever that might have been. It also became a state operated Educational facility for both Academics as well as a school to help build Trade or Vocational skills.


In the 1930’s the building was condemned for not having a modernized fire protection system and earthquake retrofitting construction. In 1943 a state structural engineer deemed it unsafe in the event of a major earthquake. Finally in 1955 the last of the alumni of boys that lived there were moved out. In 1960 the building was completely vacated and set for demolition.

Around the same time a group of local citizens came together to do something about this piece of California history and needed to find a way to save the Preston Castle from being destroyed. Their approach was not just based off of the historic value of the property, but the fact that those in the town of Ione grew to love the Preston Property and considered it to be an Icon for the town. In 1961 the townspeople petitioned for it to NOT be torn down. It took years of work and political strife and after all of their hard work the town received a Historical Landmark Designation in the early 1970’s.


Since then they have done what they could through private donations and an army of volunteers to keep Preston Castle alive and operational. Plenty of elbow grease and hard work went into the upkeep of the Castle property over the years to improve upon its overall care and upkeep, but it became a much larger project then anyone could imagine. As the work piled on this big project became larger and larger. After all, it is a Castle.

A few decades later the Preston Castle Foundation was formed and the real work began. They were granted a long term, 55 yr lease, to take care of the building. Then in November of 2014 the Preston Castle Foundation was deeded the adjacent 13 plus acres of property which of course became the entire “castle grounds” and a great spot for a Halloween Haunted house! The revenue from the haunt provides funds to help in the upkeep of the property throughout the year, but it is barely enough to keep it going. More fundraisers are happening every year and some of the facilities are available for special events and parties.

As a historical location and the overall backdrop the Preston Property could not be a more classic and perfect space for a true Halloween Haunt. That term “Halloween Haunt” is what those in the industry call locations created for scary Halloween Event experiences. The work and fortitude that goes into the Preston Castle to create this year’s haunt is easily determined by the massive staffing of organizers, producers, character actors, production crew, lighting, audio visual effects, costuming and much more. If there was a testament to any attraction’s success it would be the lines of patient revelers that would rival any Disneyland related popular ride, including their very own Haunted Mansion during the Disney Halloween Season. Some waited hours in the lines to walk through what some claim to be a “truly Haunted House.“ On this opening weekend the Haunt Attraction was a sell-out, good news for the Preston Castle Foundation, but it did make for the long lines, but everyone seem to be a great mood eagerly awaiting their first timid steps into this frightful ordeal.

Was the Preston Castle Haunt a top notch, Northern California Halloween experience? Not top notch, but it was good. Was it worth the wait and $20 (top ticket price) for the 45 minute to one hour experience? Absolutely! The army of volunteers was mostly kids to young adults who put this massive production together to help create what some called an “horrific nightmare experience” or in a more calmer tone, “a scary and fun way to celebrate the Halloween experience”.

Less than two hours from many parts of the SF Bay Area, the Preston Castle Haunt is a must attend to any Haunted House aficionado, or just someone who wants to have a great Halloween Haunt experience.  I’m sure if you have ever been on a team organizing and working a haunt you will surely appreciate the Preston Castle Experience and want to share many of your ideas with them to help the team make next year’s attraction even, bigger, better and of course much more scarier! HAPPY HALLOWEEN.



Nolan-JVAinLANolan Apostle is a published Writer, Editor and Photographer originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. He has produced a countless amount of shows, projects, festivals, and many special events within the Tech, Film Corporate and Hospitality industries. When in the “Startup” role he has been the Chief Project Manager for several Tech positions including the understanding and development of Blockchain Technology. He’s considered an expert in the field of producing Major large-scale events, festivals and city-wide shows. He has managed many Halloween Haunts and once owned a production company housed in a 40,000 sf warehouse in Concord California of which about 25% was Halloween Haunt related props, sets and decoration pieces.  He is considered an event design expert in the fields of Décor and Ambiance for special events, concerts, festivals, parties, the holidays and of course, Halloween. He receives great pleasure from writing and discussing technology and how it applies to the Events & Creative Industries.