HTC EVO Android Phone Review Coming Soon

The all new EVO Android phone for the SPRINT Network.

HTC EVO 4G offers one of the most robust multimedia experiences you will ever have on a wireless phone today. It features the Android™ 2.1 operating systems, one of the industry’s largest touch-screen displays, 8.0 MP camera, HD video capture, HDMI output,  Mobile Hotspot capability and HTC Sense

We are looking forward to doing the review on the HTC EVO.

What Does “VIRGIN” & “EXTRA-VIRGIN” In Olive Oil Mean?

By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Event City Creative Magazine

Our Editorial research Team at Event City Creative Magazine has recently found some more interesting information that we are sure those in the Culinary and Hospitality world will appreciate. Let us know what you think.

The purity of some extra-virgin olive oils is being challenged.

A recent report found that 69 percent of imported oils and 10 percent of domestic oils sampled from grocery stores shelves in the U.S. did not meet the international standards that define the title of extra-virgin.

But what do these terms really mean? Is there a measurable difference between the virgin and extra virgin labels?

According to the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC), the answer is yes. Extra-virgin olive oil should come only from virgin oil productions and contain no more than .8 percent acidity. During the extraction process, no chemicals should be used. Extra-virgin olive oil should be cold-pressed, which means that no heat over a certain temperature was used during processing.

Then of course, there’s the taste. Olive oils with the extra-virgin designation should have superior flavor and aroma. It is recommended that they be used in salad dressings, to dip bread in, or to drizzle on top of sauces.

Extra-virgin olive oils are fragile. Exposure to high temperatures and even light can lead to their deterioration.

The labels “pure olive oil” and just plain old “olive oil” indicate a blend of refined and virgin production oil. Olive pomace oil is obtained by using chemicals in the extraction.

Currently, the USDA lists four grades of olive oil, which were established in 1948. The highest quality bears the cute name U.S. Fancy, or U.S. Grade A.

The word olive derives from the Greek elaia and possibly the older Armenian term ewi, “oil.” Shakespeare apparently coined the name Olivia, from the male name Oliver. The olive branch is a traditional symbol of peace that dates back at least to the Bible, when a dove brought Noah an olive branch to indicate the discovery of land.

The olive branch may signify peace, but why is the avocado known as the “fertility fruit?” Find out here. Retrieved this from Dictionary.Com’s Hot Word section.

SEATTLE Washington Review – Coming Soon

The Event City Team will be traveling to Seattle Washington to conduct some site surveys, venue, restaurant and hotel reviews, and to let you know what are some of the featured attractions in the area.  There is so much more to Seattle than the Mariners and that famous highlighted “Point” of interest, the Seattle Space Needle!

We will cover many different sites attractions of interest not just to Event Planners or Meeting Managers but for anyone who might want to have some fun in what we hear is a lovely area of the United States. We will look at ways to save money while traveling to the area using tools such as the CITY PASS Booklets or the SUPER SAVER type coupons.

We look forward to visiting the area and filling you in on all of the goodies this area has to offer.  Any requests do not hesitate to send them to us by Email, we will do what we can to help fulfill them.

Our trip will be from July 20th thru the 3oth and we hope to cover as much ground as possible.  If you are from the Seattle or surrounding areas do not hesitate to contact us before, during or after our trip.

San Francisco’s Clift Hotel – New & Improved!

To say the newly renovated CLIFT HOTEL in San Francisco has an edge would be putting it mildly.  An inspired fusion of old-world hotel elegance with distinctly contemporary energy and glamour, the nearly century-old Clift’s modern and daring sense of diversity perfectly captures the city’s spirit. Event City’s stop at the Clift was unfortunately a short one as we collect mounds of information on Hotels and Venues throughout the USA prior to our Live Launch.

The Clift, which is practically a stones throw from Union Square shopping and the legendary Nob Hill, Clift is perfectly located for sightseeing, shopping and socializing in the beautiful City by the Bay! Clift’s classic stone exterior opens onto a glowing purple entryway that prepares guests for the wonderland within. Designed by Philippe Starck, the soaring lobby contains one of the most eclectic furniture collections in all of California, with chairs from Ray and Charles Eames, a coffee table by Salvador Dali, a surreal stool by Renee Marguerite, and a sculpture custom made by William Sawaya. The centerpiece is a thirty-five-foot fireplace with a Bronze chimney sculpture by Gerard Garouste. The thrilling monumental scale and fantastical furnishings create a dream-like composition that is the cornerstone of Clift’s magic. Even prior to the Clift’s renovation, back in the day, it was the primary property for Rock’n’Roll stars to settle their gear and “chill out” while performing at one of the fine venues in the San Francisco area.

Let us know if you have stayed at the Clift and what you think about it by responding to this post. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.