Jim Carrey Rolls into Premier of YES MAN in Hollywood

Jim Carrey Rolls in a Wirlball on the Red Carpet at the Fund-raising Premier of his new movie YES MAN in Hollywood. Jim proves to be one great Wirler!!
YES-MAN Premier Jim Carrey Rolls in Wirlball

When Jim Carrey entered his Premier for the movie YES MAN, and he came Rolling in a giant 10′ Inflatable ball, nobody knew what to call it. Even Jay Leno fumbled for words with Jim Carrey’s co-star Zooey Deschanel during her interview on his show, on Thursday evening, December 19th, 2008.

It is called the WIRLBALL, YES, W-I-R-L-B-A-L-L. Just say YES to WIRLING. It is the new extreme sportsball in America ready to rock and ROLL your Wirld!!

Jim Carrey Arriving at YES MAN Premier Rolling in a Wirlball

Jim Carrey Arriving at YES MAN Premier Rolling in a Wirlball

We are the manufacturer, designer, importer of this specially designed ball for the USA. We are the only company offering both sales and rentals and we can also offer a Warranty for these Extreme Sport Amusement Balls. We are also the only company with a BRAND (besides the New Zealand manufacturer) and a Plan.

Jim likes calling them the Orb. Some call it the Human Hamster or Bubble Ball! Someone tell Mr. Carrey and company it is called the WIRLBALL and it is coming to a city near you.

For complete details on it you can email us at wirlball@eventcity.net. To see Jim Rolling in the Wirlball visit the WIRLBALL MYSPACE and click on “View All Blog Entries“. You can also view it with additional information at a FACEBOOK Page.

If you have any images or footage please send info to us. We are launching a large online portal for the Events & Creative Industries and would be glad to reciprocate with credits and possibly other business.

We are currently looking for crew, staff, Sales Teams, Dealers and Distributors all across the country. We look forward to hearing from you. And don’t forget to go see Jim Carrey in YES MAN!!!

Wirlball USA
415.525.9198 – SF/Headquarters
818.209.1198 – LA Office

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