By Cindy Faust



“I deserve an endorsement!   My band is the best ever!”  The most unoriginal and all too repetitive cry heard continuously for the full four days at the NAMM Convention being held January 23 – 26 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim California.  The company representatives, exhibitors working NAMM have the patience of Saints and the uncanny ability to politely smile and listen to every single ‘Pop Star’ describe why they deserve to receive products free of charge. If you’re lucky enough to be one of the 95,000 attendees at the NAMM Convention this year, it is important you follow some important advice as well as your heart to this glorious tradeshow for the musical and artistic. Besides a playground filled with all the latest and greatest being offered for to the music industry, it is a place to cut deals, all kinds of deals, all music related and some of them are pretty major.

The purpose of NAMM is commodities, marketing and branding.  Manufactures and retailers have the opportunity to communicate directly and build relationships.  Equipment is on display, products that even the most colorful of imaginations would have a hard time conjuring up, all types of services, demonstrations, lectures and classes are all offered during the NAMM Show.  Networking opportunities abound.  Members of NAMM pay their dues; Manufacturers pay for their booth space, transportation, insurance, salaries/commission and per diem to their employees.  The purpose behind this convention is to make money, not give away merchandise.

So why do so many musicians treat this event as an opportune time to beg?  After years of attending this convention, I have observed the most frequent mistakes made by musicians.  I have taken the time out to humbly share with you a tad bit of advice so that you may possibly leave a lasting impression upon someone, respect their time for the reason they are there, learn more about what is out there – the latest and greatest, and perhaps to even secure an endorsement in the future.

1)      Attitude – Remember the old saying “You catch more flies with honey.”?  This is not the time to be ‘cool’, ‘unapproachable’ or ‘arrogant’.  Smile, be friendly and say “Hello” to people.  You never know who that person is that you just snubbed.   They could possibly make you or break you.

2)      Don’t expect everyone to know who you are.  This rule applies to those who are even ‘Stars’.  For example, you may be famous Jazz artist having a conversation with someone who only works with Classical musicians.  That person may not have a clue who you are, your accomplishments, current projects or level of fame.  For up and coming musicians, just accept the fact that very few people know who you are.  You might be famous in your home town but until you sell millions of dollars’ worth of music, merchandise, and headline sell-out shows in large venues, you are an ‘unknown’.

3)      “Give me, give me, give me.”  Don’t say these words to anyone!    I am sure the thought of “Why should I give you anything?” runs like a continuous loop through the minds of many product representatives.  If you truly want to discuss the possibility of endorsements, obtain the proper contact information and dismiss yourself quickly.  Let the representatives do their job which is marketing their products to ‘Buyers’.

4)      “Mind your P’s and Q’s.”   It is an old English saying when bartenders originating in the seventeenth century.  It literally means “Mind your Pints and Quarts”, in other words, don’t get wasted and act like an idiot.

5)      Germs – keep them away from everyone else.  If you are ill, you should stay home anyway.  If you become ill during your travels, use common sense.  Don’t shake hands; cover your mouth with your arm when you cough; use Kleenex when you sneeze.  Use hand sanitizer!!!

6)      Aisle Clogging – move your body out of the pathway.  Don’t stand in the middle of an aisle while people are trying to get by.  Stand off the side, you will find you won’t get trampled. Say ‘Excuse me.”  You may make a new friend when doing so.

7)      Above all, have fun but play ‘nice’.  You never know who might be watching you.

NAMM is the National Association of Music Merchants. You can become a Member of NAMM and the cost to join will depend upon your membership affiliation. The 2014 NAMM Show runs from January 23-26 in Anaheim, California. Join us this year as the world’s most important buyers and decision makers in the music industry converge on sunny Anaheim, at the music product industry’s premier event. The NAMM Show is where brands are built, legends are created and deals are made. At EVENT CITY you will see much more direct information about products, services and what exhibitors and attendees alike have to say about their experience at many conventions representing all of the Events & Creative Industries.

ImageAbout the Author:  Cindy Faust is the latest addition to the Event City Premier Magazine’s entourage of Writers and Reporters who are Journalists with real experience in the industries they write about. Ms. Faust has over thirty years’ experience in the music industry.  She works with talent of all levels from the unknown to the famous, local to international.  Cindy’s passion is to share her observations, knowledge and experience with the Event City audience. She hopes to induce comedy into her musings as she feels humor grabs attention and leaves impressions. She is the Enchantress and Owner of Alchemy By Faust, LLC a professional Talent Management and Booking Agency. She also is available for public speaking gigs, and is a pretty good vocalist as well.


Call of Duty Ghosts Video Game TV Commercial Featuring Music by The Great KAT


By Nolan Apostle
Producer, Contributing Editor and Photographer
Event City Premier Magazine

The GREAT KAT known for her Electrifying Fast-Speed Music can now be heard in a commercial advertising one of the world’s most popular video games for Tesco, the world’s second largest retailer (after Wal-Mart). Tesco, the U.K.’s largest retailer chose to feature The Great Kat’s music in the new TV commercial for it’s intensity matching that of the wildly popular video game by Activision “Call of Duty: Ghosts.” The music is truly a perfect match for the ad showcasing this highly intense video game.

The commercial features the heart-racing shredding guitar and violin virtuosity of The Great Kat’s Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons,” synched perfectly in time with Call of Duty: Ghosts’ fast action bombs, explosions, and death defying feats. Be the first to see the TV commercial here at the Event City Premier Magazine.


Artist, musician, performer, The Great Kat, is world famous for combining Classical music and shredding Speed Metal Rock’n’Roll. It is truly a self-made genre for this eclectic performer who has been given the title as the world’s fastest guitar shredder and Juilliard graduate violin virtuoso/Carnegie Recital Hall violin soloist.  She is the winner of numerous awards, including “Top 10 Fastest Shredders of All Time” – Guitar One Magazine, “20 Of The Fastest Guitarists In The World Today”, “50 Fastest Guitarists Of All Time” – Guitar World Magazine and more, The Great Kat virtuosically shreds exciting classical music from Vivaldi, Beethoven, Bach, Paganini, Wagner, Rossini, and more at astounding speeds on BOTH the guitar and violin, with a Symphony Orchestra and a Rock Metal Band.

Activision’s Call of Duty: Ghosts screen shots from the game:

tescotvcommercial9 tescotvcommercial5

Learn more about The Great Kat at these links:

The Great Kat on Facebook  –  Twitter  –  iTunes


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JOURNEY Supports Frontman Arnel To Raise Funds for Philippine Disaster Relief

Journey Promo Photo

The rock’n’roll group Journey and other Music Industry entities have donated more than $350K to the Philippines Disaster Relief in an effort to directly provide help for the recovery efforts. Lead singer of the group, Arnel Pineda, is Filipino and is taking charge in the recovery efforts to help his country any way he can. Read the article appearing in Classic Rock Magazine. Kudos to Journey for stepping up and playing a vital role in these efforts to support their Bandmate Arnel and the Philippines!

Here’s a link to Arnel Pineda’s Press Conference in the Philippines to support Relief efforts for the World Food Programme. Click here to see the Press Conference

Our prayers are with all of those in the Philippines who are in dire need.


*** BAY AREA EXCLUSIVE – BATKID saves San Francisco! Make A Wish transforms our City by the Bay into Gotham City. Watch the exclusive video just released of the Song For Miles – “IF I COULD FLY”!

BatKid Saves San Francisco as Event City Launches Music Channel “LetsPlay”

By Nolan Apostle
Producer, Contributing Editor and Photographer
Event City Premier Magazine

Let’s Play™ is a featured channel to debut in Q1 2014 on the Event City Network™ during the company’s Live Launch. It will allow Bands, Musicians and Performers to showcase their talents on Event City™ and other areas within the Event City family of websites. It will give all members of Event City the opportunity to see the great talent available through our Events & Creative Community Portal.

Here’s a sample of what Let’s Play is all about – a video and song written by San Francisco Songwriter, Jimi Shawndi, for MILES, the BATKID who stole the hearts of the world when Make-A-Wish Foundation asked him what he wished for, Miles replied, “I want to be Batman for a day”. So BatKid was born and transposed San Francisco into Gotham City! Take a listen to “IF I COULD FLY” Song for Miles and let us know what you think of this local musician’s work. Maybe it will be your song featured by Event City on Let’s Play!

To have your music and videos showcased in our pre-launch and to be included in this future project please send your request to our Music Channel Beta.

Enjoy and Let’s Play™!


InfoZium Retail Platform



By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor, Producer, Photographer
Event City Premier Magazine
January 8, 2013

Happy holidays and a wonderful Happy New Year to all from the EVENT CITY NETWORK! We wish the best for you and yours in this beautiful new year! I have had the opportunity, numerous times, to discuss the world of Events and Event Production over the last month or so, specifically the discussion of Decor and Ambiance. Being a major fan of lighting and the use of Gobos, I brought this up numerous times. It was unbelievable to me the amount of people, some of them veterans in the biz, who had no clue, in fact most of them would say something to the affect of, “What the heck is a Gobo!?! So I thought I would delight you with a little bit of information of what a Gobo is and does.

Here’s some information about what a Gobo is:

A GOBO is derived from “Go Between” or “GOes Before Optics”, it is a physical template, usually cut from metal, slotted inside, or placed in front of, a lighting source, used to control the shape of emitted light. This Gobo template can be inserted into various lighting fixtures to project a silhouetted type image. It works by blocking light around your Gobo, allowing light to pass through your image only, or in some cases, around your image, as in the original BATMAN SIGNAL – was this the original Gobo?? This results in a light projection of your “cut-out” image.

Bat Signal, the original Gobo?  Image

Gobos are usually circular and made of either glass or thin metal. The meta Gobos are much more popular in the world of Theatrical Productions, Concerts, Parties, Corporate Events, Meetings, Trade-shows, Weddings, Special Events and similar projects. They may contain a logo, words, symbols, patterns, texture, color, or a picture.


This Gobo holder with inserted Gobo has a snowburst pattern.

Gobos are used to project images, logos, special shapes, designs, many times used for branding, sometimes for artistic purposed, decor, ambiance and has become popular over the last few years for weddings.

Image projection is a powerful medium because light can be breathtaking and eye-catching. That’s why using Gobos can be a great way to reinforce a theme, convey a message, or promote a brand. Gobos are also widely used to enhance the look of a space or event venue. For these applications, rather than using a logo or monogram, you’d choose a pattern image for your Gobos. There are thousands of patterns to choose from, but you can also design your very own Gobo pattern.

They can be called various different titles, and whether you call it a Gobo, lighting template, pattern or even “one of those light thingies,” the professional term is Gobo.


Some of the Partners and Founders of Event City have used Gobos throughout their careers to create dramatic effects on walls, sidewalks, buildings, tabletops, ceilings, curtains, floors, side of vehicles, many different places – even on Clouds, by using patterns to project light in specific designs ranging from the wildly abstract to amazingly true to life.


The Event City Marketplace Channel can help you create your own custom Gobo, Shadow stands, light boxes and more for any use whatsoever through our membership network of fine Gobo creators.

Now that you know what a Gogo is and what it can do for you it is time to design and have fun creating your first Gobo! View our images to help you get some ideas how a Gobo can enhance the decor and ambiance of your overall event experience and in the mean time you can also visit this Wikipedia Gobo link for more information.



San Francisco Bull’s Professional Hockey Begins 10/12



SF Bulls Pro Hockey Team with Coach Curcio, two of the team’s “Ice Girls” and Rawhide the Team Mascot at Serramonte Center in Daly City during a Promotional Meet and Greet.

The San Francisco Bull’s is the newest franchise of the ECHL, will open their Season on Friday, October 12th, 2012. The SF Bulls, will call the Cow Palace home as they bring some exciting hockey energy back to the beautiful City by the Bay in more than 15 years!  The Bulls become the 21st team in the premiere ‘AA’ hockey league, it serves as the development league for the NHL.  The San Francisco team joins the Pacific League of the ECHL, which includes the Bakersfield Condors, the Las Vegas Wranglers, Ontario Reign, and the Stockton Thunder.

The SF Bulls are the proud Affiliate of the San Jose Sharks, the San Francisco Bay Area’s Professional NHL Team.  Event City Premier Magazine is excited about covering the Bulls and all of their local games and exciting activities. There are plenty of good seats available for SF Bull’s games. Go to their Schedule Online to get more information and purchase tickets.
We look forward to seeing you at the SF Bull’s hockey!


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