LA Downtown Hyatt Renovations


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The LA Downtown Hotel joined the Hyatt family and completed a $25 million transition to officially become a Hyatt Regency Hotel last year. The beautiful renovations gave the structure a new, modern look for the hotel and service upgrades to each of the 400 guest rooms and 69 suites at the property. All of the property’s public spaces, business and fitness centers, restaurants, the grand lobby and all of the meeting and event areas also are included in this transformation.

This will add the “new” Downtown Los Angeles property as the Hyatt Downtown Los Angeles, an upscale Luxury Hotel and a great destination for both the leisure and business traveler alike. L.A. is a beacon of style and sophistication, and this freshly renovated hotel is no exception. It is located in the heart of the city, near the Financial District and Convention Center, and this hotel property offers guests a convenient place to relax in luxury. The grand, 2-story entrance features a chic Lobby Bar & Lounge, with a 25-foot wall of glass to let in that beautiful California sunshine which everyone appreciates – locals and out of town visitors alike. This new Hyatt property was a superb addition to the Downtown Los Angeles area and has been an asset to the gentrification of the entire LA Live and Convention Center district.

This property was a great new addition to the Downtown Los Angeles area and we look forward to doing a year review on the property and surrounding area. Event City is planning to visit the area sometime in the next few months if there is anything you’d like to see us cover or talk about on this hotel property, other properties, attractions, events, theme parks, or anywhere else in the Southern California area please send us a message via Email at the Event City Premier Magazine or you can leave us a Reply Message here as well. Thank you for being a cherished follower of Event City and our Publication Group – Event City Creative. To contact the LA Downtown Hotel here’s their contact info:

The LA Hotel Downtown
333 South Figueroa
Los Angeles, California, USA, 90071




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Nine years ago in sunny San Mateo California, what is now the edge of the ever expanding Silicon Valley, the birth of a new concept, an event for those who “Make”, almost a hobby of an idea in the making, the original Maker Faire was born on April 22, 2006. Now as we prepare for the 10th year of the Maker Faire, the event has grown to immense proportions. Since the launch of Maker Faire in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006 with about 20,000 in attendance the event has grown to over 100 independently-produced Mini and Featured Maker Faires around the world, including various major international cities such as Tokyo, Rome, Santiago, and Oslo. This year’s Faire in San Mateo reached well over the breaking point of 150,000 attendees over the two day weekend. Arthur Habbit, a local residence from San Carlos, California said this of the Faire, “No matter how many people come to this event it is the most mellow crowd I have seen anywhere, even beats Disneyland’s crowds, hands down!” As diverse and exciting as this event has become, it is not without it’s share of problems, right now, what to do with an incredible swelling audience. It seems as if this incredible, expanding festival of invention and creativity is thriving like an anthill running out of earth to place its growing population and the precious gem of a venue, the San Mateo Fairgrounds, which has become the ultimate location for this Maker Faire event. Not only is the audience of attendees busting at the Event Center’s seams, so does the collection of Makers who everyone comes to see.

The event has gone from a simple group of “Maker Geeks” with some die-hard fans or curious folks, to a massive, worldwide, something for everyone movement. It’s popularity has reached the White House with the President of the United States issuing a proclamation for “National Day of Making”. President proudly presented the proclamation, “I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 18, 2014, as National Day of Making.” See the Presidents proclamation here.  

On this day the White House will host the White House version of a Maker Faire. It has invited makers from all over the United States inviting them to attend and participate as a maker, volunteer, attendee, anyone can get involved in the maker movement.

Makers everywhere are rejoicing to this huge push for a massively growing audience of inventors, entrepreneurs, tinkerers, crafters and many more. Dennis Shelgren, a maker from Campo Seco, California, is working on a new technology solar solution for both individuals as well as enterprise solutions. He is the co-founder of a new Maker Group located jointly and supported by both Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties.

So why the White House? What is the reason behind President’s Obama push for a White House Maker Faire? Maybe a piece of the answer to that question is here at the White House Blog where you’ll find an interview by Phil Larson, ‎Senior Advisor to the President for Space and Innovation, he interviews Dale Dougherty, CEO of Maker Media, founders of the Maker Faire. It could also be this young inventor’s ideas and inspirational spirit to “Make”!

The President is hosting the first-ever White House Maker Faire on the grounds of the White House and it will feature Makers, innovators, and entrepreneurs of all ages who are using cutting-edge tools to bring their ideas to life. The rise of the Maker Movement represents a huge opportunity for the United States. Nationwide, new tools for democratized production are boosting innovation and entrepreneurship in manufacturing, in the same way that the Internet and cloud computing have lowered the barriers to entry for digital startups, creating the foundation for new products and processes that can help to revitalize American manufacturing.

San Mateo County Fair is Alive and Well After 36 Years

Image of the Band WAR.

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The San Mateo County Fair this year has the motto of “Where Tradition Meets Innovation”and will feature an incredible array of Technology products in the main hall with an emphasis on Kid’s Education. The Technology and Do It Yourself (DIY) exhibits are back from a successful run at last years fair. Kids get hands on experience with innovative new concepts and devices such as 3-D printers and software to help them learn how to program and create their own original computer games. The Do it Yourself environment can be an excellent opportunity for kids to experiment and learn new how to create. Additionally there were exhibits by 4-H, Future Farmers of America (FFA), painting, fine art, cooking and healthy eating were just part of the fun.



One of the companies exhibiting in the Technology area is We Cam, a new player in the Social Media communications space. WeCam wecamGangis a social video calling app that lets you connect directly to your friends, family and colleagues or your social media peeps such as on Faceb ook, Twitter and Google+. “We Cam is really cool” says Arthur English a visiting student from London attending the event, “you get your friends to use the app it can be a toy or a tool to help you in your daily life or just mess around a bit”.  The App also allows you to conduct smart “people” searches to discover other like-minded people on WeCam. Visit them at their booth at the fair and receive a chance to win an iPod during the show. While we were there two people won!


The FREE Concert series is running the entire length of the Fair from June 7th through Sunday June 15th. One of the Event City favorite bands at the fair this year is WAR. The band has been playing steadily for the last 45 years as one of the premier talents coming from the SF Bay Area. See WAR at the San Mateo County Fair this year. This years talent boasts a stunning variety of world-class musical entertainment and live performances which you can find the entire lineup of Entertainment here. Additionally there is all of the fun festival food, local and traditional contests, and a “Ferris Wheeling” carnival. The Fair will run for nine days and will be attended by over 130,000 guests.

The San Mateo County Event Center is the host of the San Mateo County Fair, which will be held June 7-15, 2014. Visit the web site here for regular updates, contest rules, entertainment schedules, promotions, giveaways and sponsorship information.





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Rock’n’Roll Radio at one time was an institution all by itself. A self propelling industry in the midst of a multi-generational configuration of listeners who enjoyed all forms of the popular music genre. The music was as diverse as the listeners themselves, from the history making 60’s Rock to Acid Rock, Heavy Metal to Folk, Blues, Pop, Glam, New Wave, Punk, Modern, Progressive, Easy Listening and of course the everlasting Classic Rock’n’Roll all played a role in Radio history and at one time or another probably could be heard on the legendary KSAN Jive 95 Radio station. Even new artists were featured on KSAN.

The Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame  (BARHOF) has selected KSAN Jive 95 as the BARHOF Legendary Station for 2014. KSAN aired some of radio’s most memorable, inspiring and outrageous broadcast ever from 1968 through 1978. The stations pioneering attitude gave way to an unbelievable amount of creativity that has fueled the stations historic and legendary status that many of its loyal listeners will never forget.

Tom Donahue circa 1967 at KMPX-FM.

Tom Donahue circa 1967 at KMPX-FM.

This crew of radio pioneers who would be responsible for electrifying the airwaves with a whole new sound and attitude was led by Tom Donahue. Donahue, also known as “Big Daddy”, was referred to as the father of progressive radio and was an executive and on-air DJ for San Francisco radio stations KMPX and KSAN during the late Sixties through the Seventies. He truly helped to invent “Free-Form” radio with its long cuts, new artists and no holds barred commentary. At the time Free Form helped to bring to the forefront the largely ignored FM band and played a large role revolutionizing radio broadcasting in America.

KSAN Jive 95 proudly joins, KCBS, KGO, KFRC, KNBR and KSFO as the newest Legendary Station in the BARHOF. As you may notice, all of the other Legendary Stations are on the AM Band, KSAN is the very first FM station to be awarded the Legendary status.


To celebrate KSAN’s induction into this prestigious radio station group there will be two public events held in June. A KSAN Jive 95 Reunion Concert will be held on Wednesday, June 4th, at Yoshi’s in San Francisco to benefit the California Historical Radio Society and its’ Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame. The featured artists for the “KSAN Reunion Concert” will be Big Brother and the Holding Company, Country Joe McDonald, Cold Blood with Lydia Pense and special guest Rick Stevens, the Imperial Messenger Service with special guests, and others to be announced. KSAN played an important part in making these groups famous by featuring their music.

Simply put, KSAN Jive 95 Radio had the creativity, the inspirational talent, spirit and now some wonderful memories of a great radio station. Looking at the bigger picture, and as a dedication to all of those who played a role in this phenomenal on-air carnival for over decade, this Motley Crew of radio junkies didn’t just allow KSAN to be a great radio station but arguably one of the most extraordinary radio stations ever in the history of radio.


ImageNolan Apostle is a co-founder and Chief Editor of Event City and the Event City Premier Magazine. He has worked in numerous industries wearing a multitude of hats over the course of his career. He has worked as a Videographer, Producer, Photographer, Concert Promoter, Event Developer, Manager, Writer, Journalist, Marketing Director, Artist Management (Painters and Musicians), Ambiance Director, Educator, Tradeshow Manager, Props & Sets Designer, Catering Manager, Food & Beverage Director, and more. During his earlier years he ran a local radio station which he and friend started in Daly City California. It was short lived (about 5 months) when they received a unannounced visit from the FCC and local authorities at their broadcasting location. It’s Only Rock’n’Roll but he loves it!


Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame Tickets, events and concert information:

Besides tickets to the concert there will be a VIP Reception with the musicians held at 6:00 p.m. at Yoshi’s. Tickets are $49 for the concert and $150 for the VIP reception and concert. Buy tickets here. The VIP package includes a VIP reception with the artists, premium seating at Yoshi’s, a KSAN Live Jive CD, a KSAN Reunion Poster, and a KSAN Reunion T-shirt.

Then on Thursday, June 5th, at 11:30 am, the Bay Area Broadcast Legends will feature the induction of KSAN into the BARHOF and a KSAN Reunion Panel Discussion as part of its’ Spring Luncheon at Spenger’s in Berkeley. The panel will include Bonnie Simmons, Scoop Nisker, Terry McGovern and Norman Davis. Ben Fong-Torres will host the discussion. Tickets are $47.25 for a great lunch and once in a lifetime event.Buy tickets here.

In addition, the CD and digital download project called “KSAN’s Live Jive” containing historic music rarities from KSAN’s extensive live music broadcast archives is now a benefit for the California Historical Radio Society and its’ Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame. The Co-Executive producers of “KSAN’s Live Jive” are Kenny Wardell and Jim Draper.  To order a copy of the KSAN Live Jive CD please visit their website at KSAN’s Live Jive.


Yoshi’s SF is located at 1330 Fillmore St., SF, 94115 – between Eddy St. and Geary Blvd.
Their phone number is (415) 655-5600 – Parking downstairs – Entrance on Eddy St.



By Nolan Apostle
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Image  Image

What is the Maker Faire?  At the Event City Creative several of us have been big Maker fans over the years and this reporter has attended almost every year since its inception in 2006. Although I’ve missed a couple of years due to personal reasons, my conviction and dedication to the Maker Faire – DIY (Do It Yourself) genre, and the immense amount of creative talent, positive attitudes and eclectic inventive ideas on display at this event – well simply put, as the Rolling Stones would say, “Wild horses couldn’t drag me away”. I would have to be laid out on a gurney to miss another Faire again.

To give you a fair definition of this eclectic festival of talent is a most difficult task, but one that we sure had fun defining. After talking with hundreds of Makers and attendees over the years we have come up with what we believe defines the Bay Area Maker Faire:

“A Creative’s Disneyland rolled into a

Futuristic Music Festival of the Arts & Sciences.”

Well that’s one definition of Maker Faire. The festival itself defines it as “Part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new”, whatever you might decide it is, Maker Faire is certainly a different type of edutaining, an all-ages gathering of tech enthusiasts, tinkerers, inventors, crafters, educators, engineers, electronic wizards, science clubs, hobbyists, authors, artists, students, and even an interesting collection of commercial exhibitors. All of these “makers” come together at a Maker Faire event to show-off their wares, whatever they may be and to possibly help you learn more by sharing what they have learned.

Maker Faire launched in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006 as a tiny display of DIY enthusiasts demonstrating their ideas, inventions and creative projects. The interest and excitement of this genre, if you can even label it a “genre”, has done nothing but spiral into an incredible adventure where one can see and most importantly, experience, the entire Maker community first hand in all its glory. Last year at the San Mateo (San Francisco Bay Area) Maker Faire the crowds were spectacular and truly as gigantic as some of the displays at the Faire itself – over 120,000 attendees showed up over the weekend to take in this grand event – and most of those we spoke with said they would be returning without a doubt as long as the Maker Faire existed!

Wow! Can one believe the incredible growth of an event that offers such a wide array of experiences with a general ticket price ranging from $17.50 to $60.00? The popularity of the Maker Faire expanded greatly over a short time and soon took over the entire San Mateo Events Center within a few years. Now almost a decade into the sprawling event its legions of aspiring makers, educators, moms, dads, sons and daughters and many others come to participate in hands-on activities and learn new skills at the event. A record 195,000 people attended the two flagship Maker Faires in the Bay Area and New York in 2013, with 44% of attendees first timers at the Bay Area event, and 61% in New York. If you plan on going to the Faire here is some information to help you get there and around the San Mateo area. The Maker Faire is certainly family friendly – 50% attend the event with their children and many come from all parts of Northern California. Just last year alone there were 98 independently-produced Mini and Featured Maker Faires taking place around the world, including Tokyo, Rome, Santiago, and Oslo.

This years Maker Faire is expected to be the largest Maker Faire to date! Could it reach 150,000? Why is it so popular? Could it be that the event is primarily designed to be forward-looking showcase for Makers who are exploring new forms and new technologies. But the Faire is not just for those involved in technical fields; Maker Faire features innovation and experimentation across the spectrum of science, engineering, art, performance and craft.

The Maker Faire is an exciting and extremely entertaining event filled with an extremely diverse audience, and a fascinating, fun, curious mix of people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do. It’s a venue for makers to show examples of their work and interact with an audience that can be just as eclectic as the makers themselves. All of this could be the result of the popularity explosion of this event, and as it continues to grow it will continue to present a tremendous opportunity for everyone who visits the Maker Faire; opportunities to learn, to grow, to walk away feeling real good about yourself, about your abilities to go out there and to do “something” regardless of what it might be. Some say it is an event that can easily become one’s obsession, as far fetched as that might be, it is an event that really does allow you to feel real good about yourself. Once you attend a Maker Faire one thing is certain, whether you become addicted to the eclectic fun and creative and inspirational atmosphere or not, you will come to appreciate the 950+ Makers displaying their projects and not only walk away learning something new, but truly, you will feel much better about yourself and that alone will urge you to return the following year for a whole different, but certainly just as positive, experience!

Maker Faire is brought to you by Maker Media.  Maker Media publishes MAKE magazine, produces Maker Faire, and offers DIY electronics, tools, kits, and books through its online and pop-up Maker Shed stores.

The Maker Faire Official App is available for iPhone and Android devices. You can download it here.
Event City is the new online Community for the Events & Creative Industries supporting the talent and projects within the Special Events, Hospitality, Music, Entertainment, Film and all Inventors and the full spectrum of the Arts. The Event City Creative Magazine is the online publication supporting Event City and the Event City Network. Event City launches in Q4 2014.

Here is a Maker Faire Sneak Peak for you:

Makerspace on Wheels: Building the Hackmobile


The “Ultimate Maker Vehicle” is revealed at Maker Faire on Saturday, May 17th, 2014


The Hypnotic Grooves of the Sand Noise Device


This is what you get when you combine a box of sand with a Microsoft Kinect, an overhead projector, and a series of illuminated pucks?




Test Your Skills at the Game of Drones Aerial Sports Competition


The Game of Drones is announcing the launch of our their official drone sports competition at the San Francisco Bay Area Maker Faire, on May 17 and 18 at the San Mateo Fairgrounds. Check it out, this is pure, unadulaterated, MAKER FUN!!


Game of Drones is excited to announce the launch of our official drone sports competition at Maker Faire Bay Area, taking place on May 17 and 18 at the San Mateo Fairgrounds. The Aerial Action Sports League (AASL) aims to be the premiere drone sports competition, showcasing pilot skills, engineering prowess, and technology innovation through aerial combat, flying obstacle courses, and other fun drone games.


More to come on the Event City Creative Magazine.

CityPASS Ticket Booklets Great Savings For Spring Break and Beyond

CityPASS Booklets Offers Half-Off Savings for Spring Break Vacation Thrills

CityPASSlogoBy Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
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It’s that time of the year and Spring Break is here and we know how exciting it is for many families and college students take off and travel throughout the country. This spring break parents can transform their couch-crashing kids into inquisitive, wide-eyed explorers by whipping out a packet of CityPASS®CityPASS-Pocket-Horizontal ticket booklets. The company boast savings of up to 50 percent on combined attraction admissions and also gives its customers the ability to skip most main-entrance ticket lines. This is a big bonus when you’re traveling with antsy, “are-we-there-yet?” teens! CityPASS booklets have been around for 15 years and this reporter remembers how quickly the booklet became popular shortly after its launch. CityPASS booklets have become the must-have accessory to help your family have an affordable adventure to many different parts of the USA.

It doesn’t matter what your interest might be from a waxy museum visit or a major attraction or theme park. If your kids are avid online gamers, science geeks, sports players, or skateboarding daredevils, the CityPASS program offers a vast array of attractions in North America’s top destinations: Southern California, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Seattle and Toronto. The CityPASS ticket booklet includes prepaid admission to each destination’s most famous sights at significant savings. Attractions and Theme Parks such as Disneyland and Universal Studios are included in the CityPASS ticket booklet.


King Kong takes on T-Rex at a ride at Universal Studios.

Plus, there’s plenty of time to do everything else you want to do. CityPASS also has an interesting format to those using their popular booklets – from your first day of use the “Passes” are valid for nine consecutive days, in Southern California, the CityPASS admission card is good for 14 days which is well needed with all of the exciting new attractions, events and resort options happening in beautiful sunny California.CityPassheader

City Pass was established in 1997 by co-founders Mike Gallagher and Mike Morey. Their respective backgrounds in destination marketing and research in the tourism industry gave them the tools and much insight into how travelers want to have their experienceswithout a lot of fuss and at significant savings”. City Pass first launched in Seattle and San Francisco, bundling prepaid admission to each city’s top attractions based on annual attendance. This collection became the easy-to-use CityPASS ticket booklet whose savings is up to half off what it would cost to purchase those same admissions separately. Because City Pass limits the number of attractions on each city’s pass to five or six of the most popular sights, visitors have ample time to enjoy a destination, never feeling the need to rush frantically from attraction to attraction to get their money’s worth.

To learn more about CityPASS ticket booklets and admission cards products for travelers who are seeking significant savings in New York City, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Southern California and Toronto please visit the City Pass website at



By Cindy Faust



“I deserve an endorsement!   My band is the best ever!”  The most unoriginal and all too repetitive cry heard continuously for the full four days at the NAMM Convention being held January 23 – 26 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim California.  The company representatives, exhibitors working NAMM have the patience of Saints and the uncanny ability to politely smile and listen to every single ‘Pop Star’ describe why they deserve to receive products free of charge. If you’re lucky enough to be one of the 95,000 attendees at the NAMM Convention this year, it is important you follow some important advice as well as your heart to this glorious tradeshow for the musical and artistic. Besides a playground filled with all the latest and greatest being offered for to the music industry, it is a place to cut deals, all kinds of deals, all music related and some of them are pretty major.

The purpose of NAMM is commodities, marketing and branding.  Manufactures and retailers have the opportunity to communicate directly and build relationships.  Equipment is on display, products that even the most colorful of imaginations would have a hard time conjuring up, all types of services, demonstrations, lectures and classes are all offered during the NAMM Show.  Networking opportunities abound.  Members of NAMM pay their dues; Manufacturers pay for their booth space, transportation, insurance, salaries/commission and per diem to their employees.  The purpose behind this convention is to make money, not give away merchandise.

So why do so many musicians treat this event as an opportune time to beg?  After years of attending this convention, I have observed the most frequent mistakes made by musicians.  I have taken the time out to humbly share with you a tad bit of advice so that you may possibly leave a lasting impression upon someone, respect their time for the reason they are there, learn more about what is out there – the latest and greatest, and perhaps to even secure an endorsement in the future.

1)      Attitude – Remember the old saying “You catch more flies with honey.”?  This is not the time to be ‘cool’, ‘unapproachable’ or ‘arrogant’.  Smile, be friendly and say “Hello” to people.  You never know who that person is that you just snubbed.   They could possibly make you or break you.

2)      Don’t expect everyone to know who you are.  This rule applies to those who are even ‘Stars’.  For example, you may be famous Jazz artist having a conversation with someone who only works with Classical musicians.  That person may not have a clue who you are, your accomplishments, current projects or level of fame.  For up and coming musicians, just accept the fact that very few people know who you are.  You might be famous in your home town but until you sell millions of dollars’ worth of music, merchandise, and headline sell-out shows in large venues, you are an ‘unknown’.

3)      “Give me, give me, give me.”  Don’t say these words to anyone!    I am sure the thought of “Why should I give you anything?” runs like a continuous loop through the minds of many product representatives.  If you truly want to discuss the possibility of endorsements, obtain the proper contact information and dismiss yourself quickly.  Let the representatives do their job which is marketing their products to ‘Buyers’.

4)      “Mind your P’s and Q’s.”   It is an old English saying when bartenders originating in the seventeenth century.  It literally means “Mind your Pints and Quarts”, in other words, don’t get wasted and act like an idiot.

5)      Germs – keep them away from everyone else.  If you are ill, you should stay home anyway.  If you become ill during your travels, use common sense.  Don’t shake hands; cover your mouth with your arm when you cough; use Kleenex when you sneeze.  Use hand sanitizer!!!

6)      Aisle Clogging – move your body out of the pathway.  Don’t stand in the middle of an aisle while people are trying to get by.  Stand off the side, you will find you won’t get trampled. Say ‘Excuse me.”  You may make a new friend when doing so.

7)      Above all, have fun but play ‘nice’.  You never know who might be watching you.

NAMM is the National Association of Music Merchants. You can become a Member of NAMM and the cost to join will depend upon your membership affiliation. The 2014 NAMM Show runs from January 23-26 in Anaheim, California. Join us this year as the world’s most important buyers and decision makers in the music industry converge on sunny Anaheim, at the music product industry’s premier event. The NAMM Show is where brands are built, legends are created and deals are made. At EVENT CITY you will see much more direct information about products, services and what exhibitors and attendees alike have to say about their experience at many conventions representing all of the Events & Creative Industries.

ImageAbout the Author:  Cindy Faust is the latest addition to the Event City Premier Magazine’s entourage of Writers and Reporters who are Journalists with real experience in the industries they write about. Ms. Faust has over thirty years’ experience in the music industry.  She works with talent of all levels from the unknown to the famous, local to international.  Cindy’s passion is to share her observations, knowledge and experience with the Event City audience. She hopes to induce comedy into her musings as she feels humor grabs attention and leaves impressions. She is the Enchantress and Owner of Alchemy By Faust, LLC a professional Talent Management and Booking Agency. She also is available for public speaking gigs, and is a pretty good vocalist as well.



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